CBF, Admnistrateurs judiciaires prévention et administration d'entreprise.

Société d'administrateurs judiciaires Prévention et administration d'entreprise


CBF Associates is a law firm of insolvency practitioners which assists companies, whatever their size, in the management of issues that they can encounter under a difficult economic climate.

Historically based in Toulouse, CBF Associates also works in many other regions in France and overseas: Paris, Bayonne, Réunion Island. This includes dealing with companies in all lines of business, from micro-enterprises to large corporations, on a region, national and international scale.

Upfront advice and prevention, through legal measures such as “ad hoc mandate” and “conciliation”, allows companies to better anticipate and respond serenely to changes in their situation with the assistance of our specialists. They can then make adjustments at both a strategic and operational level as well as streamlining their financial management.