CBF, Admnistrateurs judiciaires prévention et administration d'entreprise.

Société d'administrateurs judiciaires Prévention et administration d'entreprise

Jean Baron Insolvency Practitioner since 2007


“To be attentive, understanding and responsive”

Being attentive, understanding and responsive are the qualities necessary in the profession of insolvency administration, according to Jean Baron. Companies are above all people, executives and employees. Understanding the human factor is therefore essential for an effective modus operandi. He is a specialist in ad hoc mandate and he makes executives aware of the importance of managing difficulties upstream. Restructuring and foresight helps avoid the burdensome procedures.

Dynamic and innovative, Jean Baron has been an associate of the firm since 2007 after studying in International Law and is managing its development with the openings of new offices in the Reunion Island and also in Paris. He is aware of the evolving economic world and growing globalisation of commercial trade as shown in his engagement in many conferences around the world on the subject. Most notably, he was made the first French administrator of “Global Insolvency Practise Course” by INSOL. INSOL assembles professionals from over 60 different countries whom are experts in treating companies that are in difficulty.


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